Nitrokey / Librem Key

The Librem Key, Nitrokey, Nitrokey Pro are STM32 based personal HSMs that boast full compatibility with all YubiKey 5 features with the exception of physical touch while additionally being fully open software and hardware.


  • 100% of source code and hardware design is public and auditable
  • Information on supply chain integrity practices are public for Librem Key
  • Can do remote attestation of the integrity of another device via Chal/resp
  • Design is simple and you can make one at home with inexpensive tooling
  • Firmware can be updated
  • Has RGB LED to indicate various status messages visually
    • red can mean “error”, green for “success” etc.
  • Information on supply chain integrity practices are not made public.
  • Does not support physical touch allowing a remote attacker unlimited uses
  • Entropy source is controlled entirely by ARM